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    Fuzhou Institute of Technology (FIT) is an undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education. FIT is committed to becoming a high standard applied technological university with distinctive features of the industry. It is the cradle for engineers who are trained to learn, understand and apply the knowledge of information technology and engineering.

    The university is taking on the major strategic needs in the construction and development of China’s Free Trade Zone (Fujian) and core areas of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Forty-four specialties are set up, covering subjects like engineering, management, economics and art. There are more than 500 faculties in total. 180 faculties with senior professional titles, of which 52 hold senior titles and 128 hold deputy senior titles. Apart from this, there are more than 200 faculties with master’s degrees and nearly 7000 students on campus.

    The college adheres to the ideals of in-depth and integrative education and abides by the model of the RDM Center (Research, Development and Manufacturing) for basic research, application research, experimental development and high-end manufacturing. It attempts to explore new ideas for higher education in a new economic system. During the 12th National People's Congress in 2016, Prime Minister Li Keqiang proudly affirmed the collaboration of "lecturers + engineers + technical shareholders" at FIT. In 2018, The Digital Fujian Telematics Laboratory at FIT became one of the first provincial key laboratories in the IoT field. Guomai Technology has been taking FIT as its industrial innovation base. The development strategy of integrating production and education has created great synergy and innovative effects.

    Education Services
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