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    Intelligent Connected Vehicle Forum Successfully Held by Digital Fujian V2X Lab at FIT

    “Enjoy new opportunities of the digital economy, and build a new era of intelligent connected vehicles.” On May 9, 2019, under the guidance of Fujian Development and Reform Commission (FDRC), Intelligent Connected Vehicle Forum was held in the lecture hall of Fuzhou Institute of Technology (FIT) by several parties, including FIT’s Digital Fujian Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Lab, Fujian Internet of Things (IoT) Promotion Center, Fujian Internet of Things Industry Alliance, and Flaircomm Microelectronics, a subsidiary of Guomai. The forum was an endeavor to promote the exchange and cooperation in the intelligent connected vehicle industry. Conferees included both Chinese and foreign scholars and experts from relevant government departments, laboratories of TüV-Rheinland, and Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Network Security and Cryptology.

    Digital Fujian V2X Lab is a provincial key lab funded by FDRC, and it is also the first college-affiliated automotive electronics labthat obtained international certification in China. Since its establishment in September 2017, the lab has seized the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0 and the development of new information technology. It has made full use of the disciplinary and talent-related advantages of FIT in information science, telecommunications, and IoT industries. With the research platform of core IoT technologies, product test and pilot experiment, the lab has conducted researches on the equipment of intelligent connected vehicles, big data, cloud storage and mobile communications, and has made noticeable progress in improving the average performance and the intelligence of V2X equipment, which has in a way driven the growth of the V2X industry in Fujian province. It’s fair to say that the lab has provided technical support in solving major problems for the development of V2X-related disciplines and Fujian’s digital economy.


    Pro. Cai Shengzhen, Director of Digital Fujian V2X Lab, making a report on the development of the lab

    At the forum, Huang Yuxin, Vice President of TüV-Rheinland Greater China, Prof. Ren Xuli, Director of Fujian Provincial Key Lab of Network Security and Cryptology, and other experts and scholars delivered keynote speeches. The subjects discussed ranged from the customer attitude towards self-driving cars in China, German and America, the potential problems of information security of V2X and its solutions, to key technologies of 5G-supported remote driving and the challenges and opportunities presented by V2X in 5G era.

    The successful convening of the forum marks FIT’s achievement in the V2X field since its foundation. The lab will strengthen its tie with universities, research institutions, and leading enterprises, with a focus on both the research on key technologies of intelligent connected vehicle and application and promotion of V2X products. In doing so, the lab will help accelerate the research and development (R&D) of V2X products and foster a mass of innovative people. In the future, the lab will strive to become one of the first-class R&D platforms of V2X intelligent equipment in China, promoting the industrial cluster and advancing technologies used in intelligent connected vehicles.

    Guests taking pictures together


    Picture taken at the site

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