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    Chen Wei: Innovation through Integration——The New Power of Cutting-edge Innovations

    On Sep 18, the 2019 China Fujian Internet Conference was held in Fuzhou, the provincial capital of Fujian province. Prominent internet companies in China like Huawei and ZTE were gathered at the conference to discuss the development of 5G, the Industrial Internet, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, and other topics. As one of the leading companies in Fujian province, Guomai was invited to the conference to explore with other tech giants how to unleash the development momentum brought by the Internet.


    At a sub-forum of the conference, Chen Wei, Chairman of Guomai Technology, gave a speech named Innovation through Integration——The New Power of Cutting-edge Innovations, sharing his insight about innovation through integration from four perspectives, which were the technological interaction, technologies and policies, technologies and education, and technologies and traditional industries.

    In terms of technological interaction and integration, Chen used significant innovations in the past century and Guomai’s current projects as examples, and pointed out that the marginal contribution of a single technology was declining and the world-changing innovation must be integrated with multiple technologies. When it comes to the integration of technologies and policies, he believed that technologies in the future would be more down-to-earth and would be integrated into the real world. In addition, he voiced his concerns about the influence of China-US trade relations, and highlighted the importance of adjusting to the supervision and policies of various authorities.


    When talking about technology-education integration, Chen introduced Guomai’s model of innovation through integration, which is similar to the “Stanford + Silicon Valley” model. Guomai’s model relies on Fuzhou Institute of Technology (FIT). By pairing different FIT departments with different industries, Guomai has been able to foster talents, enhance its research capability, and create various application scenarios, giving rise to its unique business model which features diversity, and gaining a competitive edge over others. Regarding the integration of technologies and traditional industries, he referred to Guomai’s “University-based Retirement Community with Artificial Intelligence” project, demonstrating how the company effectively combined technologies with the traditional industry and benefited the public with cutting-edge technologies.

    At the end of his speech, he said that Guomai’s would continue to make efforts in developing the integration of different industries and technologies like IoT and big data. By exploring the new form of innovation through integration, Guomai aims to take the lead in the industry and aid the sound and sustainable development of “Internet+” industries.

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