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    About GMTech

    Guomai Technology (GMTech) firmly believes that the growth of an enterprise is the result of the support and encouragement from all spheres of society as well as the wisdom and diligence of each and every employee. Therefore, the company has always held “respect for the contribution of every individual to the collective achievement and their service in promoting the development of the community” as a core value. While pursuing economic benefits and protecting the interests of shareholders, the company has the courage to take on responsibility for the company's customers, employees, business partners, community, natural resources, environment and other stakeholders, thereby earnestly fulfilling its obligations to the collective development of society.

    professional services

    Professional Service

    It is the belief and mission of the Internet service provider - GMTech to create value for our consumers and enrich people's communication and life through professional and standardized service.

    Paying taxes in good faith

    Paying Tax by Credibility

    GMTech insists on paying tax by credibility and doing what we can to give back to the society. The total accumulated tax revenue from 2007 to 2017 has exceeded 534 million RMB.

    Social public welfare undertakings

    Public Welfare Undertakings

    As enterprises are only able to grow with the help of society, it is the responsibility of the enterprise to give back. GMTech is adhering to the philosophy of "drinking water without forgetting its source" by bringing the staff to actively participate in various public welfare activities. Typhoons are frequent in Fujian province and often affect regional communication facilities. In the past five years, 1236 people, 278 vehicles and a large number of instruments and equipment of the company have been invested to ensure the functionality and operation of disaster communications, effectively assisting disaster resistance liaisons between the government and the masses as well as reconstruction teams. At the same time, the employees actively participate in voluntary service activities such as “Warming China,” “Respecting and Loving the Elders,” “Caring for Special Children” and so on. They have established a more stable and close relationship with elderly homes, orphanages and the disabled people's association. Through community services, blood donation and other acts of kindness, the company seeks to foster a sense of social responsibility within the employees so as to achieve better results.

    occupational health

    Occupational Health

    GMTech actively promotes the construction and implementation of the environmental management system as well as the occupational health and safety management system. The company has passed the quality management certification of ISO9001:2000.

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