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    Cooperation and Contact

    Guomai Technology (GMTech) devoted to cooperating with you in a network of value together.

    Telecom network technology service cooperation

    Cooperation in Telecom Network Technology Service

    GMTech is willing to integrate equipment providers and operation and maintenance providers to deliver a full range of technical services to the telecom operators. These include operation and maintenance services, design advisory services, business process outsourcing services and human resource outsourcing services. We are willing to help our partners leverage their respective advantages and work together to create a win-win situation in telecom services.

    Distribution cooperation

    Cooperation in Distribution

    The system integration business of GMTech focuses on IP, broadband data communication, security storage among other projects and services. GMTech has built a comprehensive service base for Juniper, Teradata, Packet Design, Force10 Networks and other international equipment vendors in China. We sincerely welcome all service manufacturers to participate in our promotion and distribution, and to provide clients in the telecom industry, the financial industry, the government and enterprises with technology leading, secure, stable and complete solutions.

    Cooperation in scientific research and education training

    Cooperation in Scientific Research and Education Training

    GMTech wholly owns Fuzhou Institute of Technology. The company warmly welcomes other colleges, university, research institutions and technological companies to research and explore new technologies, thereby jointly building the training base for communication network technology and cultivate the brand of the communication network training.

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